June 16, 2006

India’s Chances of Winning World Cup 2006, Germany!

Indian Fan 1- Khaitan
Indian Fan 2- Crompton Greaves

Khaitan: Da when are the India-brazil and India England match being played??? I am waiting to see I M Vijayan and Ronaldinho playing together. Has
Baichung Bhutia's injury healed?

Crompton Greaves: India's first match is against Tunisia, which is on 11th.
next against England on 15th at 930 in the night. I think I will be able
to watch that match. and the last group match against the Biggie, Brazil
on 19th....am waiting for that grand match. heard Bhutia has
recovered and will be ready for the first match against Tunisia.

Khaitan: Where are these matches being held? Are you planning to go this time?

Crompton Greaves: India's all matches are being played in Munich, Stuttgart, which are
quite far from Frankfurt, where friend is staying...no am not going…may be next WC in South Africa, where India will surely lift the trophy!

Khaitan: Ok... What are india's chances?

Crompton Greaves: We have good chances against Tunisia. But against, Eng and Brazil
chances are 50-50. since India has been performing well these days, anything can
happen...lets wait n see

Khaitan: Yeah..... India will win against brazil also. Jo paul ancheri is playing...
He is better than roberto carlos in free kicks... And all this while he
has been the spearhead for Real Madrid

Crompton Greaves: Bruno Kutinjho and Deependar Biswas are also fuelling great strength to
the Indian Line-up. you should have seen the practice match they played against Italy.
Amazing performance by the Indians, otherwise beating a team like
Italy(with such a great defence) is impossible...

Khaitan: Any bongs in the indian line up???

Crompton Greaves: yeah yeah, there is a chap named Budhadeb Battacharya. He was an amazing dribbler. Anyway better than Ronaldinjho…

Khaitan: Oh... Is it so?? He plays for liverpool doesn't he? Or does he play in
the Italian League?

Crompton Greaves: you're right, he is in Liverpool. Another player from WB plays in
Italian League, I suppose he is in Juventus. don't remember his name.

Khaitan: But no one can beat deep dasgupta, india's goal keeper..

Crompton Greaves: I would say he is total waste, otherwise Poland wouldn't have scored a
single goal in last night's practice match against India. but he is
better than the reserve one's...I think goal keeping is one of the main
draw-backs as far as India is concerned!

Khaitan: The positive thing to note is that ever since maradona became india's
coach we have been doing well. Our world rankings have gone up to 14
now.... The main issue as u said is goalkeeping... They also considered
parthiv patel.. He has been playing in the J league for 2-3 years now.
But still they have taken pullela gopichand as the reserve goalkeeper.

Crompton Greaves: Yeah that's true, Maradona is the man behind this, he is just like
Chappel to the Indian Hockey Team. Heard they are bringing jonty Rhods
as a goalkeeping coach, is that true?

Khaitan: Yeah... The media has been creating lot of unnecessary hype about
rhodes. Yesterday rajdeep sardesai was saying that there is a
sponsorship issue. Dinesh Beedi is the official sponsor of the team but
it seems they have also signed Roja Paakku... There is a court case on
who the rightful sponsor of the team is

Crompton Greaves: I think DBC (Dinesh Beedi Corp) should get it, they have been sponsoring the team for the past 5 years. And moreover it is very important for
them to get this contract through since they are going to launch thier
Low-Cost Airline in second week of this month. Sponsoring Indian team
will definitly give some visibilty for their new business.

Khaitan: Even if india doesn't win this time its ok. It has already won the
football world cup so many times.. I remember the match in mexico 1986
when our strikers dasappankutty and eenaashu almost scored a goal
against argentina in the finals. But the referee showed them the red
card for being lbw and they were out.

Crompton Greaves: CV Paappachan also played really well in that edition of World Cup...
we had many such players in that WC. ……..Kurikes Mathew, Sanjay Gandhi, Kunjaalikutty, jyothibasu, Lala Amarnath and MGR...It was an
amazing line-up..

Khaitan: If u compare the present Indian team with that dream team u will find
that standards have deteriorated. Nowadays they don't even know how to
score a three-pointer and sometimes they also tend to get out too soon

Nanni: kaarnnore


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kalakki! nee ara mon!

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