February 09, 2007

A long “long-seat” journey!

This post is pending for a long time in my draft folder. Context: My journey to home for Christmas, Scribbled down in my notepad while traveling from Thiruppothur to Dharmapuri.

I refer to the same long seat in buses, which is normally occupied by ladies, in Chennai, and school-college students and established drunkards, in my native! This seat is normally ignored by the pilot, i mean the driver! Regular Occupants of this seat are the real pain takers and victims of the even minutest speed breakers in the roads.

I was always fascinated about this seat. Because it gave a bunch of advantages apart from the natural benefit of getting trained on how to survive or balance oneself in sudden tremors or minor earth quakes. Sitting in this seat will give you a holistic view of happenings in a bus. If it is an empty bus, you can see, what a driver can also see. Being able to see something, which our savior is seeing is really great, isn't it? This view has significant importance if you are traveling in Thrissur-Kodungallur route buses. A rear view is just a turn away, if you are sitting in this long seat. And if the bus is crowed this seating position gives you better access to beautiful school and college girls, who make a back door entry! Better access to girls has nothing to do with what you think right now. This situation used to be really useful in extending your helping hands to those school girls who are standing by holding their huge bags until their destination. To and from school journeys in “Kissan” and “Delight” buses were thus enchanting experiences!

Another interesting thing about this seat is the established drunkards, who prefer to sit here even the whole seats in the bus including that of driver is free. They enjoy sitting there, holding on to an imaginary pole. For each speed breaker, they jumped from the seat as if the liquor inside has transformed to some coil springs on their ass! After each such speed breaker, they will laugh (a clear indication of how it feels to be drunk). This unusually lengthy laugh session will be followed by some ancient, historic unparliamentary words and curses on the driver.

Every year during December end i wished to travel back to home. It is the time of the year i get to meet my old college-friends. This time it was more special since i was itching to see my 3-month old niece, Momo. My efficient time management and planning skills resulted in no available tickets either in buses or in trains. I decided to go to Koyambedu bus stand, thinking that one heavenly ticket agent will fall up on me and offer a ticket to Arattupuzha (that’s my home). Unlike the previous occasions, i did not see any such agents around. I managed to get hold of one of the regular agents. Asked him for a ticket and i don’t how i managed to escape from his exasperating look at me. The only option left for me was the government busses. In this 15-hour journey, I traveled in 9 different buses and I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or destiny, I ended up sitting in the long seat in all these buses. What an occasion to hate the beloved! I never knew that my fascination towards this long seat would make an abrupt end with this Christmas trip to home.


Anonymous sara said...

Is the stuff about the dream girl who sat right next to you coming in the next post ???

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