June 03, 2008

Life after IPL???

This thought came into my mind couple of weeks back, when SRK’s team was making a way out of IPL and those TV Channels had already started asking about his team’s future. SRK said, he is gonna sit with his team and decide what patch work would this team require, at times he sounded like a CEO of age-old Indian Company who just announced a disappointing annual numbers and tried hard to prove his commitment to shareholders. Most of the franchisee owners must have started contemplating on some of the ratios like Dada’s Salary to Total Investment, Total runs taken Symonds to his age etc. I am sure these financial and non-financial ratios will change the face of their next outing. For the owners it would be return on investment, opportunity cost analysis and may be a future IPO.

Players, be it Royals or Chargers, would have started licking the h(m)oney they earned. Some of them would have already started searching marketing agencies for good deal in the next edition. I would not be surprised if The Hindu comes up with a cricket classifieds on Saturdays and on rest of the days. All Dravidians and Dadas will now start scouting for retaining their national team membership. Intelligent ones will now focus on such leagues than an entry into the national team, esp. the ones who are already in the hanging mode (in their respective national teams).

I never knew that cheerleaders exist in this world, I thought they were just a bunch of girls who comes with a dress-code and some crap in their hands just to get camera man’s attention. I am sure next year we will see lots of Indian cheerleaders, I really wish they keep the same dress code as their western counterparts. (Shhhh, don’t tell anybody; I was told by my friend that cheerleaders will be performing Bharathantyam in real cheerleaders’ costume, and that was main reason for me to watch Chennai’s first match in MAC Stadium).

IPL and cheerleaders had become a part of our life in the first couple of week of IPL itself. A recent event conducted by my Bank on one of the most relevant topics and in the best hotel in Chennai was a complete failure. Not many people attended the function just because Chennai team was playing decider that evening. Poor organisers we are, we never thought of this trap. Somebody even suggested, “Let’s call all the invitees to inform that the cricket match will be shown through-out the seminar and there will be cheerleaders, who will dance for flip of each presentation slide”.

We’re in to the second day after IPL. I saw NDTVs and IBNs still talking about IPL and announcing their new programs on IPL. You can definitely expect a program where the camera following new-finds of the tournament wherever they go and asking them is there any difference in the way you shit after playing so well in IPL???

Watching those matches (not all of them) was so much fun. This evening I ended up watching the same murder case probes and stories of fight for justice. Suddenly came this TV commercial of Zapak, with lingo “Cricket Se Aapko Kya Milaaa???”.

I switched off the television.


Blogger dkbhatter said...

Cricket se aapko kya mila !!! - Nice way to end it sir..

1:33 PM  

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