April 23, 2006

Festival of Gods (Contd)-photos

April 20, 2006

Blind Old Man

I parked my bike and was walking towards the office. I saw a blind old man trying to cross the road. I went and held his hand and asked where he was to go. He said he wants to go to the "devaneya library" in the opposite side. And he wanted me to help him cross the road. I knew that it would take another half an hour to reach office if I help him cross the road. Reluctantly I took my hands off his shoulder. And said "Sorry, I am already late to the office, I will not be able to help you crossing the road"...

I felt so bad for not to have helped that old man...After entering the office I closed my eyes and tried reaching my seat. On the way to the seat I bumped against every possible things and people.

I realize how tough it is....

April 19, 2006

Festival of Gods

The famous Sastha Temple is situated it Arattupuzha, a beautiful quiet village located 15 km away from Thrissur Town. This small village celebrated its annual Pooram Festival during the second week of April. The antiquity of this temple dates back to 3000 years. This temple has been the host of the most ancient and well-known yearly "Devamela" (Pooram, a festival when all gods and goddesses assemble) at Arattupuzha.

Arattupuzha Pooram, the most renowned as festival of festivals is one of the most ancient festivals of Kerala. The grand assembly of Gods similar to 'Srivaikuntam', the holy dip in the presence of Lord Kashi Viswanathan and Godess Ganga Devi and the divine presence of all forms of Gods(Yaksha Kinnara Gandharva Pisacha Rakshoganangal etc) are the uniqueness of this festival

The festival commences 28 days before Devamela, when the flag post is being erected in celebrity at Cherpu Bhagavathy temple, and flag hoisting is also performed at Thiruvullakkavu Sree Dharma Sastha temple also. The arecanut tree is chosen as the flag post, The whole process from cutting the tree to hoisting the flag is done in the presence of devotees with great reverence. After this flag hoisting, a great festive mood spreads in all other temples which ultimately culminates at Arattupuzha pooram. It is believed that the Gods shower their blessings on the devotees with their presence of divinity. The rituals as well as ceremonies of the pooram are of great 'Tantric' and 'Vedic' importance. With the whole-hearted co-operation and participation of the community and devotees, the pooram has attained the new heights.

Will Upload some festival photos later....